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1968-79 Beetle/Ghia/Thing Rear Shock Absorber
Bilstein 375941 1968-79 Beetle/Ghia/Thing Rear Shock Absorber

1968-79 Beetle/Ghia/Thing Rear Shock Absorber

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Rear Shock Absorber

We hear of two common pitfalls during shock absorber replacement. One is where a customer has removed the original shock eyelet from the mounting stud but the new shock seems too small to slide on the same stud. Most likely what has happened is the inner metal sleeve from the original shock has seized to the stud and still remains in the way of the new shock. Often times you can loosen the sleeve by using two hammers. Hold one against the sleeve on one side while rapping it with another hammer on the opposite side. This will help break up the rust and loosen the sleeve. The second is on the "Front Shock Absorber" for 1966-1977 Type 1's there is a short extension that screws on the shaft of the shock absorber. This is the mounting stud. You would have to remove this to replace the rubber stop and dust cover. Without the mounting stud the shock absorber looks incorrect and will not have room for the mounting bushings. Some customers re-use their original mounting stud, but we recommend replacing it if you want to do a top notch installation
  • Ghia 1968 - 1974
  • Standard Beetle 1968 - 1977
  • Super Beetle 1971 - 1979
  • Thing 1971 - 1978

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