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Qk Lk Rubber Kit,72-77,72 Sb 6006-12 BugPack

Qk Lk Rubber Kit,72-77,72 Sb 6006-12 BugPack

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Qk Lk Rubber Kit,72-77,72 Sb 6006-12 BugPack

Get that custom finished look with these No Trim Groove window rubber kits. We build them right in our own plant to insure you of the finest quality fit available. And because we custom build them we can supply any special or made-to-order application! We even offer conversion kits for all Type 3 s to change ·flip out windows to stationary. MADE IN THE USA!! 6006-08 Quick Look Rubber, Rear, Split Window, 2 Pc 6006-09 Quick Look Rubber, 53-57,4 Pc 6006-10 Quick Look Rubber, 58-64, 4 Pc 6006-11 Quick Look Rubber, 65-71, ALL, 4 Pc 6006-12 Quick Look Rubber, 72-77 Bug/ 72 SB, 4 Pc 6006-13 Quick Look Rubber, 73-76 SB, 4 Pc 6006-20 Quick Look Rubber, 63-74 Ghia, 2 Pc 6006-30 Quick Look Rubber, 64-74 T-3 SB, 4 Pc 6006-35 Quick Look Rubber, Qtr Wnd T-3 SB, 2 Pc 6006-40 Quick Look Rubber, 64-74 T-3 FB, 2 Pc 6006-45 Quick Look Rubber, Qtr Wnd T-3 FB, 2 Pc 6006-50 Quick Look Rubber, 64-74 T-3 NB, 2 Pc 6006-55 Quick Look Rubber, Qtr Wnd T-3 NB, 2 Pc 6006-001 Repl W/S Rubber, 58-64, Each 6006-002 Repl Qtr Window Rubber, 58-64, Each 6006-003 Repl Rear Window Rubber, 58-64,Each 6006-004 Repl W/S Rubber, 65-77, Each 6006-005 Repl Qtr Window Rubber, 65-77, Each 6006-006 Repl Rear Window Rubber, 65-71, Each 6006-007 Repl Rear Window Rubber, 72-77 AII, Each 6006-008 Repl Rear Window Rubber, 53-57, Each 6006-009 Repl W/S Rubber, 73-79 SB, Each 6006-010 Repl W/S Rubber, 53-57, Each 6006-012 Repl W/S Rubber, 65-72 Convertible 6006-013 Repl W/S Rubber, 73-79 SB Convertible, Ea. 6006-201 Repl KG W/S 7 T-3 FB Rear window, Each 6006-203 Repl KG Rear Window Rubber, Each 6006-301 Repl T-3 W/S Rubber, All, Each 6006-302 Repl T-3 SB Rear Qtr Rubber, Each 6006-303 Repl T-3 SB Rear Window Rubber, Each 6006-304 Repl T-3 SB Conversion Qtr Window, Each 6006-402 Repl T-3 FB Conversion Qtr Window, Each 6006-502 Repl T-3 NB Conversion Qtr Window, Each 6006-503 Repl T-3 NB Rear Window Rubber, Each 6006-602 Repl T-2 W/S Rubber, 68-79 Bus, Each

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