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A-Arm Conversion KIT Long Travel Beam Car conversion or Mini Rail

A-Arm Conversion KIT Long Travel Beam Car conversion or Mini Rail
A-Arm Conversion KIT Long Travel Beam Car conversion or Mini Rail
A-Arm Conversion KIT Long Travel Beam Car conversion or Mini Rail
A-Arm Conversion KIT Long Travel Beam Car conversion or Mini Rail

A-Arm Conversion KIT Long Travel Beam Car conversion or Mini Rail

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Custom A-Arm Conversion KIT

If you have a Beam Car, Rhino, Golf Cart or Mini Rail this is the best option to increase your front suspension without having to buy a new frame or pay an engineer to design it for you. This kit is by far our most popular.

Designed for the Do-it-yourselfer. This kit eliminates the guesswork!!! On a beam car you simple cut off the front clip and weld this front bulkhead on. Bolt together the front A-arms. A shade tree fabricator should be able to complete the job in one weekend.
Additional photos: Fabrication Examples

Includes: A-Arm's, Spindles, All Heims, Jam Nuts, Mis-Alignment Spacers, Tie Rods, Rack and Pinion, Sub Assembly, boots, Fully Welded and Ready for Assembly.(Grade 8 Bolts not included)

For all of you that don't have the tools or the time to design and/or build your own a-arm front end suspension, or just want a proven front end to build off of, this kit is for you!
Our front steer a-arm front end kit with lower shock mounts has been tested and proven for 8 years now, on sand rails ranging from from many 2 & 4 seater v-6 powered, turbo Subaru, built air cooled to high performance motorcycle powered, mid engine as well as rear engine. This a-arm front end kit has been tested on the sand as well as the dirt and on the street. This a-arm front end kit was designed for off road dirt and sand use and is recommended for offroad use only. jig welded, constructed of .125 wall 1020 dom mild steel a-arms and cradle gives this kit real strength and durability plus the ability to bend and deform before failure where chromoly will fail before bending ( brittle break). This a-arm kit is designed with 10 degrees of caster, 10 degrees of SAI ( king pin inclination ), develops a 3 degree progressive negative camber angle up to 24" wheel travel and 5 degrees of Ackerman angle for a rail with 106" wheel base and a front track width of 78" with spindle mount rims in the front. note the ackerman angle will change on builds with a longer or shorter wheel base and wider or narrower track width accordingly, approximately 1 - 3 degrees. Once aligned properly this kit is good for 0 - 24" of wheel travel with no bump steer! With a level chassis, proper alignment requires or is - 10 degrees of caster ( top of spindle leaning back towards the rear of the rail ), 0 - 1/2 degree of negative caster ( top of the wheel leaning in towards the center of the rail ) the same on both sides and 0 toe to 1/8" of toe in at full bump ( with shocks fully extended ). The cradle is 12 1/2" wide and 27" long ( length can be shortened down 2" ) and height can be cut down 2" as well. This kit has been designed to be welded on level with the chassis for beam conversions but if your looking for a front end with 5 or 10 degrees of rake on the chassis specify when ordering and allow 1 additional week before delivery.

Included with the kit are
4 - jig welded a-arms ( shock mounts on lower a-arms )
2 - heavy duty jig welded spindles ( chromoly combo link stubs ) with 3 bolt base for front brakes if needed
2 - 6061 polished aluminum tie rods
1 - jig welded suspension cradle with rack mount, properly braced and using 3/16" thick double gusseted a-arm tabs
1 - end load rack & pinion
16 - 5/8x5/8 chromoly lined rod ends ( heim joints )
30 - high mis-alignment zink plated spacers
2 - reduction bushing for rack ends
6 - thick spacers for quick adjustments when minor adjustments are needed with out unbolting hiems
16 - zink plated jam nuts

You will have to fabricate mounts to make this fit your buggy. Welding and Fabrication Skills are necessary to install this KIT. Bumper in second picture is not included.

Assembly Required. Welding Required, spindle nuts are not included.
Shipping in the Continental US is $250.00

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