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End Load Rack and Pinion Billet
Latest Rage 425152B Billet End Load Rack and Pinion

End Load Rack and Pinion Billet

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Part Number:425152B

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Polished Rack is currently on back order! Orders will be filled as soon as they come in from manufacture.  Black is in stock

Latest Rage 425152B Heavy Duty Billet End Load Buggy Rack & Pinion. Designed With A Wider Gear. Can Be Used With Charlynn Torque Generator For Sandrails And Dune Buggies.

End Load
Front Steering Type
1.5 Turns Lock-To-Lock
4" Stroke
Polished Billet Aluminum Housing
Steering Shaft 5/8" 36 Spline
15" Heim Eye To Heim Eye

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